Q: Is all your art erotic?

A: No, I do a variety of subjects in a variety of mediums. If you have something in mind contact me.

Q: What is "sensual" art?

A: Sensual art just means that there is a certain amount of sexual appeal to the work. Not all work that is sensual is nude. Not all nude work is sensual, but there is usually an element of nudity or semi-nudity involved. A good example of sensual art that has no nudity is my piece titled "Marilyn."

Q: How much does your art cost?

A: It depends. Work that is already finished is priced, the prices are listed under the work. Commission work is quoted on a per project basis.

Q: How much is commission work?

A: It depends on the complexity of the project, how big the piece is, and time involved. All commission work is quoted in advance and I require a 50 percent deposit before work comences. My minimum fee for a commission is $1500.

Q: Do you discount your work?

A: No. But there are ways to reduce the total cost.

Q: I love your work! How can I reduce the cost of a painting?

A: I love to work with a live model but the hurried pace of everyday life makes it difficult for people to sit for a painting. Consequently a lot of work is done from photographs. If you have the time and are willing to sit for your painting I will reduce the final price accordingly.

Q: If I sit for a painting will you paint what I want?

A: Of course, as long as you pay for it.

Q: Is there any way to get a painting for free?

A: No. But if you are willing to sit for a painting, and I am allowed to paint what I want to paint (which means seneual art), then I give you a copy of the work in return for your time. It's an even trade, your time for a painting.

Q: Does that mean I have to pose nude?

A: Probablly, but not necessarily. I am always interested in working with live models but they can be expensive, so if you are willing to pose for me it saves me money. I'm pretty flexible with how nude you need to be. Mostly it's about creating an image that is unique and has a sensual quality to it. However, you can't make demands on how I do my work nor express requirements. If you get to dictate what I paint or how I paint it  you can pay for my time.

Q: If I pose nude, can I bring a friend?

A: Absolutely.  This is about art not sex. Whatever you need to be comfortable (within limits) is okay with me. Bringing a friend, boyfriend, husband is fine as long as they don't interfere with the process.

Q: What is the process?

A: It varies a little from person to person but in general it goes something like this:

You arrive at the studio a few minutes early so that we can go over paperwork and make sure all your questions have been answered and your concerns addressed.

During that time, or prior to actually posing,  we will discuss what sort of work we will be doing, who will own the finished work, if there are photos who will own the photos and what they may be used for. If you will be receiveing a painting as payment for your time we will come to an agreement about the size and any other paintings that might be derived from the photos. Basically we are going to discuss all the possibilities concerning the who, what, when, and where of the photos and paintings that will emerge from your session.

After we have come to an agreement we will draw up a contract and sign it.

Following the signing of the contract I will prepare the studio for your session if need be, during which time you may have a glass of wine, or go outside to smoke (there is no smoking in the building). When you return we will do your hair and make up. You may bring a stylist and/or make up artist if you like (at your expense).

Once the studio is prepared and you are ready we will begin the session. I may want to take photos of you changing (I prefer candid photos over posed photos), or you may simply disrobe and take your place on the set. Once you are in place we will take a series of photos whether you are going to sit for the painting or I will be using photos to work from.

If you are going to sit for the painting we will begin working by doing a quick sketch on canvas. You may be asked to remain sitting or you may be allowed to move around once I begin painting (it depends on what I am working on).  You may take bathroom breaks when ever you want, simply let me know you need a break.

Sessions last a couple of hours whether sitting for the painting or just having photos done. If I will be working from photos we will have one primary session and possible some follow up sessions depending on what needs to be done. Even if I am working from photos you may be asked to come back for brief sessions to work on a particular part of the painting. As I said this may vary from person to person.

Once a session is finished, you redress and leave.

If you have any other questions you may contact me via email at jdvanvoorhees at aim dot com.

Contact  me now and let me help you create the work that is a perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.