My goal as an artist is to create work that evokes an emotional response in my audience. Happiness, sadness, laughter, fear, each subject I approach has the potential of touching something inside of you, some life experience that has moved you emotionally. Whether it's a favorite place, a loved one, a time in your life, a relative that has passed on, etc., we need art to help us process these moments. I hope my art will take you to another place where you can reflect and gain insight into your life.

The primary element I look for when choosing what to paint is a sense of contrast, light against dark, old against new, beautiful against grotesque. I like dramatic art and high contrast themes make art dramatic. At the same time, I like to keep things simple, find a primary subject and stick with it, don't embellish it too much, and make it easy for the audience to approach. A hat is a hat, not something that looks like a dog but is called a hat. I primarily work with acrylic on canvas because of the ease of use. The manner of applying it varies depending on the amount of texture that is necessary to achieve the look I am trying to attain.

 I get inspiration from many sources, some of them are common experiences that we share, going to church, eating out, buying groceries, watching TV and movies, etc. Others are quite esoteric such as my practice as a Freemason, my research into the Tarot and its symbolism, and my study of art and artists of the past.

I paint what I know. I paint women because they interest me. I paint boats and oceanscapes because I love sailing. I paint landscapes because I love the outdoors. If I'm interested in the subject I'm more passionate about the painting. My intention is to find interesting subjects and to render them in a way that will appeal to my audience, you.

My initial art instruction was as an illustrator at Commercial College in Shreveport, Louisiana. My first work was as an illustrator and cartoonist for a newspaper. Later my ability and training garnered a job in outdoor advertising at Acme Outdoor Advertising in Little Rock, Arkansas. After working designing and painting signs I wanted to improve my skills and expand my repertoire. I attended art school at Louisiana Tech University and Tennessee State University and worked as a graphic artist, painter, photographer, videographer, film & theater director/producer, web developer, and stained glass artist as various opportunities presented themselves.

After exploring glass work the last several years I have decided to expand my efforts to include painting and photography once again. I prefer to collaborate with women to create sensual works of art that reflect my personal aesthetic as well as the nature and spirit of my subjects.

Lightworks Studio is my private studio where I create sensual art, glass, and photographic projects. I have been producing stained glass, photographic work, paintings in oil, acrylic, and watercolor, as well as other art for as long as I can remember. In fact I don't remember a time when I didn't draw or paint.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece of art please contact me by email or by phone at

I also offer classes in stained glass, and workshops in drawing, painting, and photography.

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